Friday, 12 March 2010

Thought on Feedback

There were some good points made in the feedback that are pointing out errors we didn't pick up on. To begin with, we didn't realise that the credits were not displayed for long enough. Now our attention has been drawn to this we will address this problem. However, every feedback blog mentioned the lacking of non diagetic sound; We obviously know this is a problem and have the soundtrack ready to attach to the file, so therefore this is not a large issue to our production. One or two groups could not understand the storyline, and as we lack some footage, we understand this, and may have to replace some of our favored scenes with other clips so that the narrative is obvious to the viewer.

However, there were also some positive feedbrack on our opening sequence. A consistent positive throughout the groups was the way in which we presented our credits. They liked the way they were brough on sceen to match the 'Phsycilogical Thriller' theme, and borugh an edge to the clip. So once displayed for longer, will hopefully be very effective. Also, the idea of using fake blood was a large risk we took, as there was a big possibility it could look like a few college students with some rfake blood. However, the feedback suggests they liked it, anbd they way it was used, and it looked 'believable'.

feedback from S1-20 !

this opening is good as at the beginning the establishing shot sets the location well. Furthermore, the mise-en-scene is very good as the blood being used looks realistic when she is showering. However, the credits are hard to read as they go to quickly and are generally hard to read.
However, there is good use of diegetic sound however the non-diegetic sound is lacking.
There are no clear protagonist and antagonist however there is a clear victim in this and is made to look vulnerable by the camera shots which is good.
There is a bit with photos show which does not make sense and we are not clear on what it is meant to mean.
overall the editing and camera shot are good and create a well made opening.

feedback from s1- 21

We found the introduction was good but need to add more tension by including a soundtrack. The credits were creative and fitted the thriller genre well. Although they could have stayed on the screen for longer as you didn't get a chance to read it. Also at the beggining when jazz walks past the camera should be turned into slow motion so you read what is writen. Once more editing has been done your intentions clearer. Overall you need to add more exitment and possibley more footage to your opening sequence. We the blooooood dribbiling from the shower, this was very inventive.

Feedback of rough cut from S1-22

The credits were really good as they fitted well with narrative of the thriller. You needed to have credits and a title for it to look more like an opening. The mise-en-scene was conventional as the props of the blood were effective. The close-ups used of the feet were conventional as they add mystery to the opening.

There needs to be sound for the opening to be more successful to a thriller. The fast jumpcut between shots were good but we think there should be more throughout the opening, as this would add unease and not relaxed.

feedback of rough cut s1- 23

There was a lack of non diegetic sound, and that may improve the tension that we saw in the clip, though the diegetic sound was used very effectively for creating a feel of what is going to happen next. The attempts at having the credits being in blood on areas that appeared when the girl moved out of the way, reavealing it, was a good idea, but it could be done so that it is easier to read, as we were unable to read some of them.

The fake blood was very good, it seemed believable and was used very well.

The camera angles were limited due to the small space that the filming was done in, however, high angle shots while the girl is in the shower were good because it showed her in a position of weakness, especially when she started bleeding. the plug hole shot was also good showing the blood dripping down and washing away. Still, there could have been a few more shots or another character so that dialogue could have been used.

S1-24 Feedback

Very good mise en scene with the fake blood being used to great effect.

There was no music but the group probably had no time to put it in so with music in the tension would me much greater making the film opening much better. There is also no dialogue and putting just one or two lines in could get this group a few more marks.

The camera angles were appropriate with a number of establishing and close up shots being used however a couple of them weren't kept still making the shots shaky.

The titles were very appropriate with the use of fake blood on the shower door, it me the narrative well and met the criteria of a thriller.

There was a very obvious protagonist in the film opening and this group also managed to put her in peril. The location was well chosen and suspense was very well created to make an ordinary situation thrilling and exciting. There was however no clear Antagonist and maybe he/she could be introduced in the last 40 seconds which haven't been put in the film.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Thought's on Rough Cut

Sticking to the Story board
I am very impressed my with our groups ability to stick to what we had planned to do in our film. The time lines and story boards that we had prepared enabled us to easily shoot our film and helped in putting it all together as we already had an idea of how we wanted everything done and where it would all go.

After watching our Rough Cut of our Thriller film I am pleased with our editing. We learnt how to crop shots so as we could eliminate any unwanted things in the film and this has helped our film to look a lot more believable. We also learnt differnt ways to put our shots together so as they would flow more liquidly and not look so "jumpy".

Special effects
In our Rough Cut we tryed to incorporate differnt effects, after watching the film back I am very pleased with these effects as they do not look tacky or fake which was a worry of ours as we wanted it all to look very real and believable. I think that the effects we used are subtle and effective. I think that the use of puting crucial shots into slow motion is very good because it not only helps the audience to see what is going on but also makes it all look more creepy.

As of yet our film does not have any music which results in it not looking as if it flows together so well as there is not something constantly linking it. We have however made a theme tune and so when we put this into our film I think that it will improve vastly.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

RoughCut Version

Thriller Opening Sequence

Monday, 1 March 2010

The Target Audience

For our thriller film, the target audience will be 15 to mid-twenties. This is mainly because we have used young characters in the film and people around this age tend to be quite interested in thriller and horror films. The target audience will consist of both males and females as it is not aimed mostly at one gender.
They will have to enjoy watching thriller films and like the idea of not knowing whats going to happen. They will also obviously enjoy the thrill that this type of genre gives them. Existing films that they are likely to like would be The Crazies, Shutter Island, Law Abiding Citizen and Sorority Row etc. These are all other films within the thriller genre.
The guidelines for the classification 15 will contain no discriminatory behaviour, can contain drug-taking without encouraging it, a strong threat unless sadistic or sexualised, dangerous behaviour should not be done in too much detail so it cannot be copied, frequent use of strong language is allowed, nudity is accepted without going into too much detail within a sexual reference, sexual activity is also accepted as long as it doesn't go into too much detail, the theme doesn't really matter as long as it is acceptable for 15 year old's and violence can be used as long as it doesn't dwell on pain or injuries.

Analysis of Casino Royale Poster

The poster for Casino Royale shows the Daniel Craig who plays the role of James Bond, he is a well known actor therefore it automatically looks more appealing to the viewer. He is in the forefront of the poster showing that he is the main character. However, in the background there is a lady standing in an elegant dress. This suggests that she'll have something to do with the storyline, probably a main part of the story.

Daniel Craig is carrying a gun, which suggests that it is of the thriller genre. He's also wearing a suit suggesting that he is an important character.

The title is lined up to say '007' which is automatically connected to the James Bond films. The 7 is made into a gun so it follows the main aspects of the thriller genre.

Both characters are dressed in dark colours and no bright colours are used which again follows the thriller genre.

Analysis of a Thriller Poster

Gothika Film Poster Analysis:

The poster for the film Gothika features a close up of Halle Berry. She's wearing barely any make up and looks quite disturbed. She has the words 'Not alone' scratched into her arm, and the colours used are all quite dark colours like grey and dark blues. This immediately lets the audience know the kind of genre the film is, which is a thriller. As if it was another genre like comedy, it'd be quite a bright and lively poster.

Comparing this poster with the Catwoman poster, Halle Berry is portrayed in a completely different way. In the Catwoman poster, she is wearing quite revealing clothes and has a lot of make up on, whereas in the Gothika poster barely any of her body is in the picture and she is wearing an ordinary vest top with hardly any make up on. Therefore, they are selling the film without focusing on Halle Berry but more on the storyline.

The font used is similar to the words written on her arm, which look like they have been scratched into her skin. This again shows the genre of the film to the audience. There is also a small bit of writing next to the picture which says 'because someone is dead doesn't mean they're gone'. This gets the audience interested but makes them aware of what it is about.

Friday, 26 February 2010

James Bond Analysis trailer

James Bond Casino Royal

James Bond follows a theme of gambling and luck. We can see this in the trailer through the boxes shown with large quantities of money inside, this also indicates a big gamble. We are also shown the gambling theme straight after this when there is a shot of the casino, also the the name Casino Royal gives us an idea of what the films is going to be about.

We can also tell that there is going to be a lot of action shootouts car chases chases on foot combat hand to hand fighting through little clips within the trailer. We also get to see the binary opposites James Bond and the big villain who looks like a 'typical baddie' with the scar under the eye the neat hair and the very surly look.

The music that goes with the trailer is the typical theme tune to James Bond. This tune has parts where the music only varies around three to four notes that are one above or below another and they are played softly which builds up the tension and suspense and then suddenly the music is up and down with the notes which makes it more jumpy and the these notes are played even louder which is like a sudden release of energy within the film and this is what gives the trailer the kick and the buzz of a thriller film and the music mixed in tandan with the action scenes works effectively.

The certain camera shots within the trailer are a lot of long shots due to the fact that this is the only way to fit all the fight and chase scenes. however there are also a variety of close ups in which we get to see certain characters such as James Bond, the Villain the bond girl and many other characters and this helps introduce them to the audience and it gives us an idea of whos in the good side and whos on the bad side.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Thriller evaluation-questions

Question one: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
Our thriller conforms with the conventions of real media products in the way that we have included both psychological and horror elements; most thriller films generally have a sense of danger or foreboding introduced in the first scene and we decided to show the audience an insight into the background story of the film and also what the film will be about. Our thriller film also includes different images that flash together to represent whether the character is insane or not; this conforms with real media films as they often introduce to the audience fairly quickly what the problem is going to be i order to start the drama and suspense as quickly as possible.
In order to be able to answer this question further we will have to analyze our film after we have filmed to whole thing and then compare it to other thriller films.

Question two: How does your media product represent particular social groups?
Our media product generally represents the social group of families because it is based around a girl going crazy over the murder that has obviously been her brothers.

Question three: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
To answer this question we would have to research different distribution companies and what films they distribute and then analyze what company distributes films most like ours.

Question four: Who would the audience for your media product be?
I think that our film would generally appeal to a vast target audience as a result of it's genre. If i were to target a particular audience for our film I would probably choose a teenaged audience because of the characters in the film being young.

Question five: How did you attract/address your audience?
I think that we attracted the audience by using young characters as this would make a young audience watch it and there for make them also feel more involved in the film as the characters would be more alike to themselves. I also think that our subject matter will attract our audience because it is intriguing.

Question six: What have you learnt about technologies for the process of constructing this product?
To answer this question our film would have had to be finished as we do not yet know what we would have to use.

Question seven: Looking back at your preliminary task what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product.
To answer this question our film will have to be finished because we will have to analyze how we have improved since our film.

Thriller film Evaluation

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products ?

To answer this I will have to analyse the opening of our thriller to see what conventions we have used and which ones have worked and not worked. After this I can compare this to other Films that used similar conventions.

How does your media product represent particular social groups ?

Our opening thriller will represent and effect many people as it involves the loss of a family member as which we all no is a harsh reality of life. however our opening thriller also expands to the people who are also severely mentally effected by the loss of family members which in this case the person affected tjinks they are showering in the blood of their late brother.

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product ?

the kind of media institution that might distrabute our thriller is a group such as ...

Who would be the audience for your media product ?

The audience would probably have to be of a more mature age range as this thriller heavily uses and expresses the ideas and emotions of a loss and mental illness

how did you attract or and address your audience ?

The conventions and values that make the film we feel address a group of peole that can relate to the film, however not only for the audience that is concerned it can also be watched by people interested in the issues faced in this film or it can be watched by general film lovers.

what have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product ?

I feel that I have still not mastered to technologies of processing and constructing and altering film but i have made improvements since the beggining of the course.

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you fell you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product ?

I think that looking back at our preliminary task I have personally learnt more about camera control and how to bring out the quality of the shots I shoot. However I feel that I need to understand and get a better understanding to use the camera to its full extent and to use and put together shots and especially clever shots.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Evaluation of Feedback

Firstly, we noticed most how people had commented on the spelling in our blog. When correcting them, we realised most of them were either due to rushing or pressing the wrong key.
Another comment that came up quite a lot is that we didn't break it don into 10 second intervals. We agreed this would make our final ideas a lot clearer than they currently are.
The third comment that was also mentioned was that we needed to go into more detail about the shot types. This would again make our final ideas more clear.

Feedback S1 20

They have a good narrative and quite well organised. Although, they need add alot more detail about there camera shots.
There is good detail on the blog about props and costumes etc.
i think it will be very exciting to watch after it is all put into place.
Feedback from s1-21;
This ten second breakdown ideas are explored well, however time scale on this opening sequence need to be more clear, and how they are going to go about filming this clip. Although quite orginal, the storyline is good and i belive once to footage has been captured it will be exciting to watch. The atmosphere of the thriller flows well. In order not to loose time, creating the indent to almost fill the first ten seconds will need to be an essential.


Feedback from S1- 23

There are a few spelling errors towards the end of the blog, also it would be helpful to include the timings for each shot so we can get a better feel for how the film will flow.
Good detail throughout the blog and description of props and characters, costumes.
Useful list of locations, where it is being filmed, who's house it is.

Feedback from S1-24

Good narrative, could add more detail to shots. You could include the duration of the shots, and who will be appearing in the shot. Very good first attempt; well constructed, this should be an epic thriller, must pick up on spelling!!!!

These ideas do relate to the conventions; they show a good idea of thrillers.

Overall, a good blog description.

Friday, 12 February 2010


1. GET ORGANISED!- a probl that our group endured when creating our childrens film was disorganisation. it is vital that all props are remembered as if not thefilm willnot achieve its full potential.

2. PREPARE WELL!- without a script to follow you will have no guide and things can become hectic as no one will know what they are doing and so arguments may occur.

3.WORK AS A TEAM!- it is good to have a grojup leader but it is not good to have one person dictate the group as othr peoples opinions will not have an opportunity to be voiced and so may miss out on good ideas. More over, if you are working as a team you can share responsibility which saves one person from having all the worried and responsibilty.

4.DON'T SLACK!- if you do not work to the best of your ability your film will be rubbish. you get in what you put out!

5.DONT BITE OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW!- our childrens film was perhaps more imaginative than we could accomadate. Make sure your film ideas are feasable as other wise you will end up with something that is much too hard and complex to make.

6.SAFETY FIRST- If you are including aspects such as fire you must ensure everyones safety at all tie; remember, the best fun is safe fun.

7. BACK UP PLAN!- film shots more than onse to ensure that if something caastrophic happens you will still have your shot. this also means that there is more of a chance that your shots will be good.

8. PERMISSION- make sure you have persmission to shoot where you are because other swise you could get in trouble.

9. TRY TO GET ON WITH FELLOW WORKERS- whe you co-operate well together you work well.

Film Notes

The date that the second day of o0ur filming will be held on is Tuesday the 23rd. We chose this date because it would be the most convenient as both Jazz and Abi finish college at ten past 4 on that day and so could pick up the camera. Our filming will most likely start around 6 o clock as that would be the tie that we would arrive back in newmarket.
Jazz and Abi will pick up the camera and tripod and return them the next morning.
We are going to film our sequence at Jazz's house in Newmarket; we have chosen this location because Jazz's house would be the most favourable to film at as she has various bathrooms which means that we can pick the prime bathroom for our film. Health and safety will be a feature that we will be careful about as Jazz will be in the shower and so would have to be careful not to slip. We will ensure that she will be safe by everyone being at hand incas she falls.
We willbe filming in the evening around 6 oclock which will be dark however this is not a matter that we would have to take into consideration as all of our filming is inside andso will recqurie diagetic light.
The actors will be Jazzand Mark; the only actual acting will be by Jazz however we will see Mark in photographs. Abi and Ryan will also be present as they will be fiming andn directing. A vague script will have to be learnt but will include little to no speach.
On the day Jazz will act and Abi, Mark and Ryan will share the filming and direction.
The props will be the photographs, a towle and no other. Jazz will be in charge of the photos and Mark will be in charge of the towle.
The weather will not be an issue as the filming process will all be inside Jazz's house.
On this filming slot we willfilm the shower scenes.
The shots that we will cover are close-ups, medium-shots and pans.

Thriller Film

The filming for our thriller film will take place on 22nd and 23rd February.

22nd February:
Abi will pick the camera up at 3.20 on the Monday of filming. The filming will take place at my house (Jazz's in Newmarket), we decided this because my house has a few showers to choose from so we can decide that when we get to mine. No health and safety considerations will need to be taken as it isn't being filmed in a public place.
No lighting will need to be brought a long a sit doesn't necessarily matter whether it's light or dark because we're filming inside. The actors will be Abi and Mark, however we'll all obviously need to be there. Abi will play the sister hat has been affected by the brutal murder of her brother, and Mark will be the brother that was murdered. No script will need to be learnt because it doesn't really have any dialogue in it. Ryan will most likely be doing the filming and I will probably direct the film.
I will be in charge of keeping the family photographs, and Mark will be in charge of the fake blood and towels. These will be the only props really needed.
The weather won't really disrupt filming as it's all inside therefore the weather can't stop us from filming. The filming that we will do on the Monday will be the scenes of the old family photographs and newspaper headlines and articles. The shots used will pretty much be close ups of the articles and photographs. No sound will need to be captured on this day as we will use garageband to have music covering this part.

Test Footage

This Footage shows the two main shot types that we are going to use in our Thriller Film Opening this is the close up shot and the pan shot. We will use the close up shot to show the state, the emotion and the reaction of the main character (in this case) Abi. In our test footage I managed to get close ups of myself and George. The good thing about using close ups with the genre of Psychological thriller is as mentioned above it makes it very easy to capture the emotion of the main character and this makes for good viewing.

The other main camera shot is the pan shot. The pan shot is going to be used to show photographs of the brother and sister that are placed along the mantlepiece. The pan in this instance is going to be the most easy and effective way to show the photographs and the pan is naturally a moving shot which keeps the opening of the thriller flowing. Again in our Test footage I have managed to capture part of our college refectory with a pan shot, this is an example of what we are going to try and recreate in our thriller.

Monday, 8 February 2010

guidelines for 12 and 12A film certificates

Is there any difference between 12 and 12A?
The BBFC guidelines state that the certificate 12 are used only for games, DVDs and videos whereas 12A is used for films. there is also no lower age limit for 12As, parents are allowed to take and accompany children under 12 however parents are warned that 12As may contain material that could upset children of a younger age and furthermore parents may deem some material within 12As as unsuitable for children.

The use of strong language is allowed within a 12/12A however only in moderation, it must not be frequent otherwise the classification will be more likely to be risen to a 15. Aggressive use of strong language is also not endorsed by the 12/12A guidelines. discriminatory language such as homophobic and racist terms is also not permitted in a 12/12A

Scenes of a sexual nature are allowed within a 12/12A however they must be brief and discreet. Sexual references are also allowed although they should not go beyond what is seemed unsuitable for children aged 12.

Violence within the 12/12A however again the BBFC guidelines state that there can be scenes with blood and injury however these must not be prolonged. Sexual violence is also permitted within reason and the BBFC states that 'it must relate heavily to the context'.

The use of drugs within a 12/12A is allowed however the film should not over emphasis this otherwise the film would fall into the 15 category. Drugs should not be highlighted to much within the film and the BBFC states that 'drugs should not be glamorised'

Detailed List of Shots

Shot 1- This is the fist shot the viewer will see. It will be our Ident that we have made relative to the thriller scene, so will therefore set the scene for our opening clip. It will be out I-Clipse ident, with hope to immediately make the viewers feel slightly on edge.
Shot 2- Shot 2 will then enter into our actual clip. The establishing shot will no be of the location, but of a hint to the main storyline. It will be a photo of the brother and sister, the two main charters throughout the storyline. And the brother will soon be revealed to be the reason of the sisters mental instability. The shot will slowly zoom in to the photo on a mantle piece. We hope to include a lot of edited effects in out clip, and may start by adjusting the colour of opening scene, perhaps black or white or sepia. This will again continue to add to the eerie effect of the clip- setting the tone.
Shot 3-Shot three will then continue to introduce the film showing the credits. We hope for the music to take role in keeping the up most interest in the scene, however the credits will not be shown on a typical cliche scroll, we will relate it to the theme, having the title of the film and the credits on what appears to be the front of a newspaper article. The shot will pan over a newspaper, so that all the deatils needed to be seen by the viewer are easily visible and stand out. we will again hopefully edit the colour of this scene to make it look effective and professional.
Shot 4- Shot four will begin the introduction to the actual storyline. We will see the characters feet- as is starts to suggest what shes doing- undressing and stepping into the shower. We will see her clothes fall next to her feet. We are filming it in this way to clearly show the audience whats taking place while avoiding including inconvenient shots in our opening clip.
Shot 5-Shot 5 will then show the lead girl turning on the shower- so its obvious whats she about to do. However with the eerie music continuing it should suggest to the audience that something out of the ordinary is about to take place.
Shot 6- Shot 6 will show the water running from the shower. The change between small details will cause the audience to expect something unusual to happen, making them on edge.
Shot 7- In shot 7 we then see her step into the shower as the water drips down her face. everything at the moment carrying on as it should.
Shot 8- Then hopefully with some sharp and effective editing during the transition, the shot will change to show photos that introduce the theme of the storyline to the viewer. The photos will show events which have taken place.
Shot 9- The shot will then jump back to the main character in the shower. We will then see the effects the events that have previously taken place have upon her, as she believes blood to be dripping down her face.
Shot 10- Again with some more effective editing, we will make it clear to the audience that there isnt actually any blood on her face, and the storyline is going to follower the characters mental instability.
Shot 11- We will then see some newspaper articles related to the death of her brother rather than the opening credits, that is how how the theme will interlink.

Friday, 5 February 2010

The opening shot of our film is our I-Clipse logo; thisintroduces to the audience the creator of the film and, if we were an established name, would probably lead them to watch the film. Our second shot will be of a photograph on a mantle piece which will be of the characters which will introduce to the audience the characters in the film and will also let them know something bad is going to happen to them because the characters look so happy. The next shot will be of newspaper clippings which will contain credits; this is effective because this way our credits will fit in with the themes of the film. Our fourth shot will be of the characters feet and see her dropping clothes on the floor, this tells the audience that this will be the main character and shows them what she is diong. By only letting the viewers see the girl's feet it builds tension because they can not see who she is. The fifth shot will also show the audience the shower and will only show the girl's hand as she turns it on. the fifth shotwill be of the shower head starting and this will also build tension as the audience becomes aware that thr has been a lot of focus on the shower and thr for something is going to happen to do with the shower.
Shot thirteen introduces the girl's fae showing her beneath the shower; this shows the character to the audience and makes them feel conected to her as a result of her vulnerabilty of being beneath the shower unaware of something that is goiong to happen. The next shot showsyet more pictures of the characters and there for shows the audience a chaotic side as all the photos frown together look quite chaotic. The next shot introduces the gruesom theme to the film when you see blood trickling down from the girl snd you there for think that somethig has happened to her. You then see blood falling from the characters face and this then leads to a headig in a newspaper which introduces the murderer and then the murder weapons which show the audience how gory the film is going to be and also shows the crime theme to the film as you see the weapon as though it is being investigated.
The next shot shows the girl realising that there was actually no blood on her face, this is effective because the audience see's that the character's mind is playing tricks on her. this also tells the audience that something traumatic has happened to make the character frightened. We then see the girl's hand reaching for the towle and then see her in the towle which the changes so as we see the towle covered in blood and then turn back to no blood.
The next shot is being made up of many differnt photos to show the audience how the character has been taken away; this makes the audience ask many questions such as wher has he gone and why? this is effective because it helps to engage the audience with the film and keep them intrested. we also enjoy the idea of keeping photos in the film because it keeps with the other shots.

Sound terminology

As at task in preparation for our final clip, we had to create a soundtrack to suit the opening scene of the thriller 'Identity'. We were not allowed to watch the clip with any sound and had to create an effective soundtrack whilst including Ambient sounds. As you can see in the above image, despite an emotion piano tune to fir the theme, thunder is included to make the soundtrack appear more realistic.

Ambient sound is things you can hear that make the setting and location appear realistic. This includes things such as wind and birds in the outdoors, rainfall if its raining, and thunder claps in syn with the flashing. Also things such as cars, background conversation and music is also ambient sound.

Diagetic sound is sound where the source can be seen on screen. This includes things such as cars, speakers, conversation etc. so the viewers can see what the source of sound is.

Non- Diagetic, in turn is sound where the source can not be seen on screen, and therefore include things such as soundtracks, atmospheric noise and sharp sounding additions to add to suspense etc.

There is then Tension building Sound which is generally included to build the tension within a scene. The soundtrack to do this normally consists of a low beat tune and classical instruments. The change in this pace can the again be used to increased tension and shot speed.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Why we go to see a 'Thriller'

People enjoy going to see movies under the thriller genre as they can can put themselves in the main characters position and experience the thrills that they experience in the movies, which in real life they would not be able to experience. In addition film within the thriller genre allow escapism for the audience from their everyday lives which they persieve as boring. thriller films also allow the audience to experience thrills while feeling safe. Some famous and typical thriller characters ie Batman, Superman and James bond are also childhood inspirations and many children want to be like them when they grow up, these inspirations and characters favorites tend to stick with most children and carry on into adulthood and hence another reason why people go to see Thriller movies. The cinema can leave the spectators with the absolute assurance of safety. People also go to see thrillers at the cinema because it is the best way to see it. If thrillers were a stage production the you would only see about a quarter to half of the action compared to seeing it in a film form. The form of film makes it even more possible to show thrillers in much more detail which gives the audience a greater viewing experience.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Mise-en-scene in the Thriller how it will be used

Mise on scene within our Thriller

We will start of our thriller in the living room which will be our first set, however the living room will be very dark and gloomy which will set the theme for an intense, dark psychological thriller. When we film the shower scene, the bathroom being our second set. The room will be brightly light in contrast to the living room therefore hopefully lulling the audience into a false sense of security within the thriller. However we will cut back to the dark living room panning across many family photos which will be some of the props used, the photos will be of the brother and sister which will pose questions about about the intensity of the thriller and the significance of the the girl and boy in the photos (brother and sister). Then we will cut back to the shower scene this time we will shoot a close up of the feet and then blood will begin to drip down on and beside her feet, then we will cut to a close up her face which will be covered in dripping blood which will have a shocking impact on the viewer. The blood will be the only makeup well will use in our thriller.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Thriller Credits Analysis

The opening titles for Six Feet Under follow the characteristics of a typical thriller film. The credits go with the style of the film as they appear on objects or in the typical scenes of what the audience will see in the film or programme. This adds to the effect of the genre. The scenes on which the credits appear, are all based around the image of death. Either dead bodies, hospitals or the grave yard is what is pictured in the opening credits.
This gave us the idea to use a similar idea for our credits. At the opening of our film, inbetween scenes of the shower, images of old newspaper articles will flash up giving the audience an idea that a death has occurred. Therefore, our idea for credits would be that the names would appear as part of a newspaper article. This would make it more obvious to the audience of the genre.

Mise-en-scene in the Thriller

For the opening of our thriller film, the props needed will be a couple of plain towels, fake blood, family photographs, newspaper articles, clock and a murder weapon. These will help to give the audience an insight to the storyline.

Because of the shower scene at the very beginning, you won't necessarily see any costumes. However, in the family photographs normal casual clothes will be seen. These will be the only scenes where you could see any costumes.

Make up:
The only kind of stage make up that will be used throughout our thriller will be the fake blood used in the shower and on the towel. Other than this, make up won't really be needed.

The lighting will turn dingy throughout the scenes of the old family photographs. This will give the audience an idea that it's from the past. However, in the shower scene it'll just be ordinary lighting.

In our thriller film, the only sets used will be the bathroom and a living room for the mantle piece that the audience see's the photographs on.

A dark red colour will be used to indicate horror or danger. This will represent the thriller genre and will be used when the flashbacks are shown on the screen.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Protagonists and Antagonists

Batman: The Dark Knight In the trailer for Batman: The Dark Knight, both the antagonist and protagonist are shown in their typical mannerisms.
The Joker is shown to be an antagonist by the way in which he dresses. His face is painted to look like a jester. However, it looks quite disturbing like a clown turned nasty. On the other hand, Batman is a typically good looking protagonist. The Jokers manner also gives him the tag of antagonist, he seems very twisted when he speaks and his body language is not of a normal person, the way he speaks about death and how he murders his victims also shows that he is the antagonist.

Batman is the protagonist in this movie, we know this because He is the hero in the film, we know this because his name batman shows that he has more than just human qualities and powers. batman also saves someone who in danger in the film and so this confirms his tag of protagonist.

Feedback from Idea Presentation

We had to give a presentation to the class, selling our ideas, receiving both negative and positive feedback form our classmates. We then had time for questions to be asked about our opening clip, what it would include, whether or not it was doable and general facts they wanted to know. Our first question was about how we would show our credits, this question was well received as we had not come up with an idea for our credits therefore Ryan came up with the idea that we could show our credits on a newspaper this links in to the opening of our thriller Film. We were then asked about the name of our film. This is yet to be decided as we need to think of something appropriate and sensible. A lot of questions were also raised about the micro elements we were going to use to create a Psychological thriller. This was a good question as it drew our attention to this subject. We decided that a great deal of the genre would come down to the music and the camera angles we were going to use. However, to make it totally clear its a psychological thriller, we have a lot of dependence on the editing. Our editing is to make it clear, a lot of the fear is in the characters head, rather than a surreal event. Through the use of editing we want to incorporate a suitable soundtrack, differentiation in colours, and a range of fast paced, exciting transitions.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Presentation of our Thriller ideas

Narrative Ideas for our Thriller

For our 2 minute Thriller opening we have though of a complex narrative, that will come under the genre of a Psychological Thriller. The idea involves a girl grieving the death of her brother, who was brutally murdered. This is shown to have a spiraling negative effect upon her mental state as she is in a state of desperation until she finds the reasoning for the murder of her supposedly innocent brother.

We only have two minutes to introduce this theme. In these two minutes we want to create a feeling of desperation, anxiety and a mental breakdown that can be passed on to the audience through a tense representation of the scene.

To open our clip, we will have an eeirey soundtrack playing in the background, as the name of our ident appears onto the screen through the darkness. This will set the tone for the rest of the scene. A slow fade will then take place, as we see some old photos of a brother and a sister together, photos of the two looking very happy. The gloomy music will continue and the shot will be filmed on a window sill, in front of a window at night. The camera will slowly pan over numerous photos as the title of the film appears in on of the corners. If possible, we want the weather to miserable (raining or possibly thunder) in the background. Sound effects can be added to enhance this effect. The scene will then change to the sister who we have just seen in the photos. She will be in a shower. She will not be looking happy as we are soon to find out her unstable mental condition, but the colour of the scene will not suggest too much fault. Then using a sharp and scratchy transition, we will then see more old photos and newspaper articles, suggesting how the brother has died to the audience. This shot will peacefully maintain for a few seconds before jumping back to the close up of the girl in the shower. As she nervously washes, she will then panic as what she believes to be blood drips onto her face/ shoulder. To show a state of panic, the scene will jump, and there will be no blood, suggesting its all in he head. We will include more obvious photos and newspaper articles suggesting how, where, when and perhaps why the brother was brutally murdered. The mentally unstable theme will the continue, as instead of blood falling from a shower, it will appear there are blood stains on her towel, when actually there isn't.

Suggested Locations

Our planned location is a Jazz's house, here we will be able to film everything that is required in our opening thriller sequence. For our opening shot of the photo, we can use a mantle piece located in her house. This will give a professional and organized appearance to the opening scene. The shower will only be needed as it comes. We may need to adjust lighting, making it either brighter or darker, but that can also be done using the editing. Enhancing the lighting and colors will make the blood look a piercing red in contrast to the tiling of the shower room.

Characters/ Actors

Our scene will not include a great deal of 'actors'. Only the girl in the shower will be needed, however we will need people to be in the photo's of past events. To create variation in our photos, and a sense of reality, we will use friends to achieve lots of different people in different photos. The two main people we need in these photos though, will be the main actor and the brother- maybe the suspected killer.

The Girl in the shower will be played by Abi
The Brother can be played by...
Everyone else can be played by friends as they are background characters.


The genre for our film will be a psychological thriller. This often shares elements of mystery and drama too. Psychological thrillers mainly focus on the plot rather than a character and usually involves two characters interfering with one another's minds. One of the characters (usually the protagonist) will suffer from a mental struggle throughout the film and there is either a fear or fascination with the idea of death. The characters spend most of their time in the film trying to discover their own purpose. However, it usually contains danger on a mental level more so than a physical level.
The psychological thriller genre will be represented in all aspects of the opening scene. The music used in the opening will generally be quite eerie and create a sense of tension and suspense for the audience. This will ensure that the genre is immediately obvious to the viewer.
The flashbacks at the beginning will switch between old photos and newspaper articles, this will be seen inbetween the shower scene of a female character. From the opening, the characters won't necessarily be made clear to the audience of who they are, this will give a sense of confusion and keep the psychological thriller as a genre consistent.
The opening scene will jump straight into the action therefore the viewers will not be aware of where the shot is taking place, again creating a sense of confusion.

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Disney Ident Analysis

The Walt Disney ident is very simple but very attractive to the viewer. It starts off with a blank blue screen and a beam of light starting from the top draws the famous Disney ident palace. The music that goes with it is high pitched and gentle and it has an element of fantasy which ties in with the Disney palace. While the music is playing the Disney font flashes up below the Disney palace as part of its creation and then a beam flies over the top this again adds fantasy to the logo which is relevant to the type of films Disney make which is children's fantasy. The font in which Walt Disney is written in is bubble writing and the font is old fashioned this is clever because Walt Disney production and distribution company goes back many years hence the old font, however the films are made at a more recent time hence the bubble writing. As mentioned before the whole of the logo is made up of two blues, the background being a dark blue and the Disney palace being a very light blue, this adds a calming effect for the viewer however it also builds up an element of excitement which makes it a very good logo for Disney.

Our Idents Design

To create a profession and impressive look to our opening scene in our thriller clip, we want to create an 'Ident'. This is the distributive group who create the film, and show their ident at the begging of every movie. Example of this include 20th Century Fox, Paramount pictures and Pixar. we began by coming up with a name for our pre-film Ident. Looking at images on the internet, we like the fusion of the rwo words 'Eye' and 'Eclipse', as we saw them appropriate to the thriller genre, creating and fitting in with a tense atmosphere. Therefore we came up with the idea of 'I-Clipse'. it then made sense for us to fuse the center of a pure blue eye, into the darkness within an eclipse. This creates a good effect, as an eclipse creates an eeiry darkness whilst an eye gives the viewer and sense of being watched. Therefore this is very appropriate to open out thriller clip. There is a possibility we can then animate our clip. We want to be able to fade the title 'I-Clipse' into the eclipse, then the eyes fading in over that. If its a possibility, we will then also add an eeiry tune into the Ident, that will be the trademark soundtrack, and will create the atmosphere for the film. The music will have to be long the lines of a dark, piano tune, creating an on edge atmosphere for the audience. In some ways, the sountrack to go with the ident is the most important part, as despite the logo being recognised, the sycronised music seemes even more so. I belive we have an effective opening ident that will set a good tone and quality for out thriller clip to follow.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Garage Band Trial

From analysing a 3 minute clip of Identity without sound, we had to make our own sound clip to match the action happening. From repeating the clip, we picked up on the storm happening outside and a detective-like figure flicking through newspaper articles and a tape recorder.
Using garage band, we searched for a soundtrack that would fit the style and genre of a thriller. We managed to find sounds like thunder and rain to suit the weather outside. We also managed to find eery sounds to suit the thriller genre

Monday, 18 January 2010

Previous Media Studies Pupils Thriller Film Analysis

The return

This clip introduces to the audience who the main character of the film is going to be from the very first shot; the way that the figure is just plainly standing in a field is very simple and yet very effective because the way that the camera has been edited makes it look as if we as the audience are looking through an eye, thus putting us in the eye of what can only be assumed to be the murderer. The way that we are watching as the camera zooms into a closer and closer up shot of the boy's face gives me the impression that we are stalking our prey, there for giving the impression to the audience that the boy is going to be the victim of whatever crime is going to happen. After this shot the camera changes to view the opposite angle, this gives the impression to the audience that this is what the boy is seeing and we, as we now can assume that we are looking from the eyes of the main character, are now looking at the murderer. This is very effective because it creates suspense and tells enough about what the themes of the film are to be without giving a great deal away.
The flashing images that are next shown are quite frightening and as a result of the flashing, disorientating for the viewers; this is effective because it confuses the audience and therefor frightens them more as they feel themselves loosing control of the situation. The way that the camera looks like something shown on a cervalance camera is also very frightening because you can imagine the events to be real as opposed to just acted scenes and the abstract shots of people seemingly in distress crouching on the floor is very unerving as the audience asks themselves, what is happening to them?
The cervalance camera also suggests the theme of a crime thriller because the audience would immediately make the link fro this shot to CCTV and therefor the police. This is good because again it introduces the themes of themes of the film. The white noise and blank screen that the film has used also introduces the theme of crime because I think that the blank screen suggests to the audience that something has gone wrong to stop the events from being seen, cutting the cords for example.
The shot of the instruments that the audience can infer are murder instruments such as saws ad knifes also makes the film seem much more brutal and sick as you see a hand maticulously picking out their weapon of choice which gives the audience the impression that the murder is not meerly a disgusting act of anger but perhaps a hobby that the muderer actually cares about and enjoys. This makes the film so much more terrifying because if from the film you got the impression of some kind of remorse from the murderer for an accident then the chance of being murdered seems so much less likely where as a murderer that kills people for fun seems much more likely for them to seek out the audience.
The font that has been chosen for the credits is interesting because the regular words featured in credits such as "film" and "by" are in clear writing whilst the words such as who the film is by and the students second names are in a font that almost looks as if it has been carved in, this again suggests the theme of murder to the audience and also makes everything seem more gruesome and creepy as opposed to just clean-cut.
The music used adds to the creepy atmosphere because it is very eerie and un-suggesting, meaning that anything could happen. This also suggests to the audience that anything could happen in the events that would take place in the film, leaving the audience tense and nervous as they can not guesse what is going to come.
The candles that duplicate refer to the title "the return" as the audience is flickering back to life, becoming stronger as two. The referance back to the eye at the end ties the clip all together and introduces the title "The Return" as the killer's eye is returning, in some way this gives the impression that the film is a sequal which also suggests that the murderer is still not caught which scares the audience as they can infer from this that the killer is obviously skilled in their diseptions.

Analysis of the clip 'Captive'

Captive is a thriller filmed by a former long road student. The clip caught our eye from the very opening as they have professional included the opening shot with the word 'moon' with an image of a moon replacing an 'O'. Also an eerie music is playing in the background, an ironic twinkle from a piano. The as the credits play, a blurred flame flickers in a dark location- again an effective eerie opening to the thriller. A fast pasted change of shots then takes place- glimpsing at photos, tied hands and a rough image on an eye. The editing here, fastening the pace of the clip is an effective technique to creating an edging effect to the clip.
The regular referances back to the newspaper clippings infers to theaudience that the events occuring have become known enough tob documented on the news; perhaps even warning the public. This is extremely effective because it gives you an insight into what the film is going to be about which conforms with the criteria of achievening a grade 4 as they are introducing thethemes of the film to the audience. The other clippings on the board show the audience imagesz of what looks to be a father and son; this, along with the newspaper clippings, gives the adience the idea that somethig badis going to happen involving either the man or his son.
By showng the audience quick shots of a large knife it carries on the idea of murder; the way that the group had managed to make this knife glint makes the shot seem so much more effectively sinister because it is obvious that the knife is going to be a main prop in the film. This is good because it too introduces the themes of the film.
The hand-held shot they used during the clip of the person being gagged is very effective because it makes the scene look so much more chaotic. This also contrasts well with the strangely twinkly music which would not indicate the events the audience are seeing. The group have also used a varied lot of shot types including a lot of close-ups of the words on the newspaper, this is effective because it is very confusing for the audience and makes thm feel disorientated.
the fact that they keep on going back to the shot of the candle shows us the audience that it is significant to the thriller. There are also short sharp shots of the different tools and knifes which are shown with the shot of an eye and pictures of people which indicates that these may have been used for a series of murders. The fact that the knives and tools are shown by a small amount of light in a dark room again adds to the eeriness and again suggests that the tools were used for murders. The pictures, the tools interlink in a number of shots giving them a strong connection. Finally we see someone who has been tied up, this person may well be connected with the people in the photos, this also shows the audience that he could be the victim of torture or in fact an eventual murder.

The Marking Criteria of our Thriller Project

Level 4- This is the top flight grade- to achieve this you need to reach 48/60 marks.
To reach this level you need to

Achieve excellence in:

-The recording of voices clearly
-In Studio/ Interior
-On Location
-Steady Camera Shooting
- The framing of Shots
- Using a variety of shot distances- Long, Medium, Close-ups
- Shooting Material appropriate to the task set- in this case a thriller.
- Selecting appropriate Mise-en-Scene
- Appropriate editing so the meaning of the scene is apparent to the viewer.
- Using a variety of shot transitions and effects to attract the attention of the viewers.
- Using sound with images
- Using appropriate titles

Friday, 15 January 2010

Thriller Sub-Genre

Psychological thriller

Contained drama elements and mystery

danger on a mental level ad a physical level

Two or more characters on one anothers minds

one solitary character with a mental struggle

There will be a fear or fascination of deat

character spends most time of finding own purpose

When watching the opening sequence of the film Taken it is apparent from the beginning that the main character wants to become closer to his daughter, this implies to the audience that something bad is going to happen involving the daughter.

In addition to this, the character drops hints about his past with lines such as "I want to make up for lost time" and "it will be just like old times, but better-know one will get killed" this tells the audience that the main character has been involved in a secret life that involved danger; from this we can infer that he is probably trained in combat and therefor conforms with the Action Thriller factors.
The man is identified straight away as the protagonist and the audience immediately warms to him because of his affection and wanting to be around his daughter. So far in this clip the antagonist is not featured.

Analysis of Crime Thriller 'Double Jeporady'

We are now analysing a 'Crime Thriller'. The example movie of this we have been given is 'double jeopardy'. The scene opens with an establishing shot of a busy city. This fits the genre of a crime thriller, as storyline are commonly set in the heart of a busy town, however, reveals almost a hidden and secret life withing in the city. This hidden life, is the life of crime that no-one knows about.
So immediately as the film opens, an idea of the genre can be guessed. As the scene continues, an example of normal life is shown to the audience, however, with a slight build of suspense. We see a rotating car wheel, then a jump cut to a civilians feet walking along, when the shot numerously switches between the two. We see the character step inside the car, and eve
rything is made out to be fine and relaxed as she placed her feet upon the dashboard. However a tune that grows in volume begins to build suspense, when we see the car comes to a halt. We then see that that female character has tears strolling down her face, as a gun is being held to her head. This is a typical opening to a thriller scene, a busy city where everything seems to be carrying on as normal, when little do we know, theirs a lot of crimes and hidden problems masked by everyday life. This sets the scene for the film, as the scene then jumps to explain the story line 'six years earlier'. At the very opening of the film, a happy relaxed tune is played, leading the audience into almost a false scene of security, making the hidden criminal activity taking place much more shocking.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

'Vantage Point' A Political Thriller

We are looking at Thrillers with sub-genres. We watched the opening clip from Vantage point, a political thriller. It makes clear in the opening scene that the American government, with a great deal of support are again the terrorist attacks following the events of 911. Typical of the genre, we see two teams of people, those in the offices and those in the action of it all. In this example, they have portrayed this using the news team, and the crew. We have the head in the control office, ordering her camera men around the arrival of the president to portray the storyline to the audience. it also gives a message about the media and censorship, as the news presenter and co workers try to do a clip upon recent assismnations and terror attacks at events like this, however the head woman goes against this as it is 'not their story'. We are given clues to wahst going to happen as in the oppening clip of the movie we can hear news presenters all hyping about this event, giving us a clue that we are going to see through the eyes of the news, this terror attack unfold. Rather than shots being worked for us, we are talked through them by the overiding head and what they acheive. However this clip gives us a message for the rest of the film. Perhaps that talking about terror is not the way to go about it, as they continue to retaliate, assisnating the president of the United DStates of America and a serious of explosion taking place that kill the TV news presenter, who had only just try to warn people about events like this. The filkm is clearly set about a war on terror and the approach taken to this, based on the events we witness in the opening clip of the film. Agin, it typically fits whats expected on a political thriller as there is the good force, fighting against terror, but the terrorists fighting back. The use of the media in the scene creates an affective appearance to the movie, as its fast paced, gives us a good view of the political events, and carries a lot of message to the viewers of the movie.

Panic Room - Psychological Thriller

A psychological thriller focuses on; drama elements and mystery,danger on mostly a mental level rather than physical, two or more characters preying on one another's minds, one solitary character with mental struggles, characters will have fear or fascination with death, characters try and discover their purpose.

The audience knows that Panic Room is a psychological thriller because the film is based around how there is a safe room in the house which is meant to be the safest place in the house. However, what the villains want is actually inside this room so it becomes the most dangerous room in the house instead. This makes it a psychological thriller. The Panic Room shows Jodie Foster's fear of being stuck inside the room.

Camera Angles of Se7en

Camera Angles - During the opening scene of Se7en, a lot of close ups were used to show the detective getting ready. Close ups on his personal possessions show that he picks up a knife, this is quite unusual for an ordinary person. Therefore, the audience can probably tell it's a thriller. A medium shot shows the detective walking down a corridor and speaking to another detective therefore the audience knows that something has probably already happened again fitting to the thriller genre. When Brad Pitt comes into the scene, a tracking shot follows Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt down the street as they speak. Again, the serious conversation lets the audience know something has already happened. From the high angle shots, the detectives are seen to be quite powerful and as leading roles. A long shot shows the detectives bedroom, again showing the audience that Morgan Freeman is going to be a main character, and as it zooms closer to Morgan Freeman's face the minor noises in the bedroom like the clock ticking and people outside his house grow louder. Then the opening credits start to appear where extreme close ups of strange pictures and objects are shown. This again reassures the audience of the thriller genre.

Micro Elemts in the Opening of Se7en (Mise-en-scene, Sound)

We watched the 5 minute opening clip for the film 'Se7en'. Within this clip we analysed the micro elements of sound and Mise-en-scene.

The clip opens with a shot of the Morgan freeman in his house. This opening clip is a very bright shot of his clean, tidy and decorated house, showing him dressing up in detective clothing, with penknife etc. showing the audience his career immediately. There is the a very contrasting scene- the scene where the crime is located. The house the crime took place is in immediately all smokey, undecorated and has a dull, green lighting, instantly suggesting to the audience that this location is not as nice as the detectives house. its a typical urban City. The detective then leaves the house an walks into the city- giving the audience an idea of the location- which we see through the heavy down pouring rain is a very low class, untidy city. Then the credits roll, and this is done in an effective way. we see evidence for the crime being researched with a heavy tune in the background and quick flash changes between scenes. This gives a sharp and snappy introduction to the film. We meet the other detective within the scene who is a contrast to Morgan freenman, as he is young, a lot more layed back, and cheeky with his attitude, whilst morgan is a lot more serious about the matter.


In the opening of the clip there is diegtic sound. The non diegetic sound are cars that are stuck in busy city traffic, there is also the sound of a police siren which indictes that the setting is a busy urban rough city. The sirens and the cars horns sounding indicates to the audience that it is also a rough city with plenty of crime, this also hints that morgan freeman is a detective/police man and this city has required his service for some years now. After this we see the opening credits, and again non diegetic sounds come with this. this sound is a very abnormal sound and it is also very alienating and robtic, the beat also starts of slow but then eventually quickens up. It is very overpowering which also ads the sense of struggle in the city but also a struggle for Morgan freeman who is working hard to fight crime. After the opening credits we see morgan freeman in bed trying to settle down however he uts a metranome on while trying to get to sleep, this indicates to the viewer he finds it hard to switch off probably because of his job. the metranome also shows he needs a pattern in his life and he is a control freak.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Micro Elements of "7"

Colour and lighting
In the beginning of the clip the lighting was extremely bright and vivid white, a lot of items in Morgan Freeman's character's room were also white which I think was to show his purity as a character and let the audience know he was a "good" person. After this quick period when the audience saw the room, the scene immediately turned much darker, showing a dead body. I tihnk that the room was turned dark to mirror the event that had occured and set the scene for the film, the dark room made everything a lot spookier and creepier for the audience and also introduced the "dark" element of the film.
The lighting continued to stay in this dark way throughout the rest of the clip, disreguarding the fact that the characters were now outside; this showed the audience the sincerity of the police work and also made things seem more realistic, if the clip had been wildly airbrushed and covered in light then the film would have seemed alot further away from real life and there for been less relatable and scary for the audience.

A Classic Thriller 'Vertigo'


Throughout the clip, approaching the end of the film, a lot of dark colours are used, not just with the lighting, but also with clothing. This shows the audience that a bleak ending to the film is approaching. Judy is also dressed in black suggesting mourning. If the colours were bright and vibrant, it would remove a great deal of tension from the scene whilst distracting the attention of the scene from the characters. So the dark seeting is necessary to creat a bleak and tense atmosphere.


Approaching the climax of the film the music slowly builds and builds along with the tension. A dramatic peice of music growns in volume and intensity, letting the audience know that something important is going to take place. The use of music is a good way to buildsuspense in a scene.


The characters in the scene are both typically attractive, to make the audience like her.

Typical thriller

Withing the 8:00 minute clip we watched, it was made clear to us that some kind of crime had taken place and the man had solved this. However, right at the moment when all is made sense of, another complication arises as the female characters jumps from the chirch. This follows the typical sequece of a thriller, following a crime and involving complications.


At the start of the clip there is a chase which is set on a rooftop, the height of the rooftop adds to the suspense of the chase. The zooming out of the ladder shows the audience that the setting is the rooftops. The audience gets a good view of the chase with a long shot which pans the length of the building while the chase is taking place. Suspense again is added to the chase when the policeman fires a couple of bullets on the front runner. After this we see a medium shot of a jump between two buildings, there are three people involved in the chase so we know from this shot that we will have to watch three individual jumps, this shot creates a feeling of tension for the audience because we the inevitable that one of the three will not make or will come close to not making this tricky jump.

when the third person doesn't